• Berkshire Wedding Photographer

    As a Berkshire Wedding Photographer Mark has been taking pictures for wedding couples for the last 15 years. He has worked at many venues in the Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey counties along with weddings abroad. Mark’s style is very relaxed, based on documentary coverage with a classic touch, capturing the very essence of your big day. Mark will meet with you on various occasions to discuss the style, and planning for your big day.

  • Photofilms

    Wedding Photofilms and Audio Slideshows are a new area for Mark and is fast becoming very popular for brides and grooms that do not require a video. The emotion that can be contained by a slideshow of images accompanied by the voices of the Bride, Groom, Best man and of course Father of the Bride can be felt as soon as the show starts. You can see some of the videos here

  • Portraits

    Mark also photographs portraits on location, wether it be at the beach, the clients home, the local park or a day trip into London. He has won many awards for his location portraits, including Master Photographers Association Regional Photographer of the Year. Model Portfolios also play a large part in Mark’s creative work, and he has helped the careers of many young aspiring models.

  • Winter Weddings

    Mark loves to shoot winter weddings, and when there is snow on the ground it makes even more fun. It’s great to sit down and talk to the Bride and Groom about their winter wedding, and come up with lots of ideas, from big white umbrellas, outdoor lighting equipment, welly’s for the big day etc etc If you are thinking about a winter wedding please make sure you leave enough time for some normal daylight pictures, so if you are getting married at 4 pm in December, remember it will be dark........


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